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[PC] DISCSTORM – HI2U [FULL][One2up][832 MB]

โหลดเกมส์ [PC] DISCSTORM – HI2U [FULL][One2up][832 MB]

[PC] DISCSTORM – HI2U [FULL][One2up][832 MB]Full, Repack

โหลดเกมส์ [PC] DISCSTORM – HI2U [FULL][One2up][832 MB]Mega, Multiup, Openload, One2up, Torrent, Usersfiles

โหลดเกมส์ [PC] DISCSTORM – HI2U [FULL][One2up][832 MB]ฟรี ไฟล์เดียว พาสเดียวจบ โหลดแรงเต็มสปีด

โหลดเกมส์ DISCSTORM – HI2U [FULL][One2up][832 MB] ฟรี ติดตั้งง่าย โหลดแรง ตัวเกมส์ DISCSTORM – HI2U [FULL][One2up][832 MB] ภาพสวย เล่นง่าย สนุก ไม่กินสเปคคอมพิวเตอร์ โหลดเกมส์ DISCSTORM – HI2U พาสเดียวจบ


Fast-paced and furious, DiscStorm is an arena combat game where split-second reactions are essential to dodge flying
discs as they ricochet around at breakneck speed.

Meet up with your friends at home and challenge them to intense multiplayer deathmatches. If you want to really test
your skills, then the single player adventure boasts diverse settings such as haunted mansions and pirate ships – all of
which come with their own formidable enemies and epic boss fights.

Inspired by 90s console classics, DiscStorm evokes retro nostalgia with its upbeat chip-tune soundtrack and bold pixel-art visuals.
Successfully progress through the vibrant environments and you’ll not only earn achievements for your efforts, but also
be rewarded with quirky new costumes for the cast of characters.

Fast-paced arena combat – Gameplay that’s easy to pick up, but truly difficult to master: dodge and deflect flying discs as
they ricochet around the arena at lightning speed.
Energetic local multiplayer – Invite friends over to battle. DiscStorm offers a variety of compelling game match types; fight
it out in a classic first-to-ten deathmatch or strive to keep the crown in the hectic ‘Regicide’ mode.
Epic boss fights – Each arena brings its own unique play-style and enemies. Whether it be the laser-shooting Stone Golem in
the jungle temple or the lava-spewing Fire Elemental of the volcano lair, exciting new challenges await you at every turn.
Striking retro art and music – the soundtrack fuses modern dance trends with retro chiptunes, whilst the artwork blends
classic pixel art with high fidelity graphics.

ประเภท: แอ็คชัน, อินดี้
ผู้พัฒนา: XMPT Games
ผู้จัดจำหน่าย: Mastertronic
วันที่วางจำหน่าย: 20 ส.ค. 2015

OS: Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 8800 or equivalent.
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible.
Additional Notes: Controller Highly Recommended. Please see supported list in the ‘About This Game’ section.



Password: www.getgameth.com

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